Tik Tok Ambassador Program

Already Making TikTok Videos. Now Get Paid For it

Now that you have your order in hand, why not get your money back and earn more!
This is a program we set up for you to earn $5.00 for each approved quality video submitted. There are no limit to submissions, just need to be quality TikTok videos.

Qualifying Requirements:

          • Content is relevant to modern trends/ music
          • Video quality is a minimum 1080p
          • Must be wearing Culture Industries' clothes in the video also posted on your page. Tag us at @cultureind_
          • Email a copy of each video separately to getpaid@cultureind.com (This is how we keep track of paying for submissions)

How To Get Paid:

          1. Plan ideas and make your video
          2. Wear Culture Industries in the video and post on your page (Make sure @cultureind_ is tagged)
          3. Email a copy of the qualifying video to getpaid@cultureind.com  (Email each video separately or submission will be declined)
          4. Once approved, payment will be submitted via PayPal